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What's next?

We have all asked what's next to one degree or another. Could be a place to go, what to eat next, which turn to make on a road trip, to being completely lost in life and wondering what to do next. The complexity of the question simply depends on why you are asking the question.

The question of what someone wants to eat can be as complex as what to next in life, both decisions can be difficult. I think we have all stood in front of the refrigerator or pantry not being able to decide what we want. Ok, deciding what to eat isn't quite the same as what to do next in life, depending on your philosophical ideas of course.

I have lost sleep because I picked the wrong food to eat, and trying to figure out what to do next in life. There is a big difference here, and it has to do with what exactly is going right or going wrong in your life. If I lose sleep because I chose the wrong thing to eat, that is a good indicator that things are going pretty well in life. If you lose sleep wondering what to do next in life, it is a good indicator that things in life are not going so good, or are at a crossroads or a dilemma.

That aren't many people out there that don't ever go through life without some extremely difficult decisions. What you choose to eat probably doesn't have the same consequences as choosing your next move in life.

There are too many variables in life to pinpoint one right answer for what's next in any one decision or situation. Betting $10,000 on black and losing it doesn't really compare to picking a tuna sandwich over a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If you are wealthy, losing $10,000 isn't too big of a deal. Let's say you're allergic to peanuts, eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich can be deadly. See, variables.

Some of us don't have a choice as to what's next, we don't get to choose certain things. Our lives can be determined by outside forces. Did I choose to have a blood clot burst in the back of my head? Of course not. But my decisions made years after affected the course of my entire life. I have no idea how my life would have turned out if that event didn't happen. The decisions I made years after, did affect how my life has turned out. Making the decision to wake up every day, learning how to live with my disabilities, learning new ideas, new interests, how I treat people, how I let people treat me, my sheer tenacity, overcoming humungous obstacles, has made my life what it is today.

I am not an emotional wreck, I learned to look deeper into life and how to live it that makes me the happy person I am today. There are so many different aspects to life, how to live it, and be happy. Everyone needs to find their own way and live with the decisions they have made. Especially the bad choices in life because those seem to be the ones that stick with us the longest. Meeting people from all walks of life and actually listening to what they have to say has transformed my life by appreciating the life I have.

Simply asking what's next on our journey can be extremely satisfying, because we simply don't know.

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