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In January of 2023, a few short months ago, I received word from my landlord that they were not going to renew my lease. My lease ends in May of 2023, you would think that's plenty of time to find a new house to rent.

At the time, I was pretty upset about it. We have been in the house since January of 2019. I wasn't angry so much about having to find a new place to live, but the circumstances I was in. I had no job and no prospects, and my financial situation was extremely precarious. You can't rent anything without any income. I have my disability inc

ome, but it is nowhere near enough to be able to support us.

Luckily, I had help financially. But that did not change the fact that I had no job. My job prospects were basically working in a call center environment. This seemed to be the only position I could get. As it turned out, I could not perform all the tasks. I did not realize that a call center job is very difficult for me because of my intellectual disability.

Things were looking pretty bleak. The weeks wore on, I was applying for as many jobs as I could. Since the call center jobs were about all I seemed able to get, I accepted a position. Desperation had set in and I had to take whatever job I could get in order to be able to rent another house.

There was some sense of relief with finding a job. I was supposed to start April 10th, 2023. The hours were horrible, the pay frankly sucked. But I had to support my family. Did I keep looking for other jobs? Hell yes I did.

I interviewed with the State Department of Child Safety, and another private company dealing with child safety. The state interview went pretty well. The other one, not so much. I was only interviewed for about 5 minutes, it seemed to be rushed. The rushed atmosphere of the interview made me feel like they were not going to hire me no matter what.

Disappointment after disappointment, I just kept going like I always do. The day after that interview, I received an email from the State wanting to move forward with my application. I got the job. This job is more like a career opportunity for me. I accepted the offer of course.

My tenacity and never give up attitude always pays off. W

hen I am confronted with a challenge, I accept it and conquer it. Those weeks of disappointment were extremely stressful. I was upset about losing my house, but I now look at it as an opportunity to start fresh. A new house, a new career, this blog, my story, are all opportunities to show people not only what I am capable of, but what others are capable of. Hard work and tenacity pay off.

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