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I'm back

I haven't done any blogging for a little while. I have been busy with my new business, new hosting platform, new name, and new focus.

Helping people

I have a passion for helping people through the challenging times that life inevitably throws our way. My website, and my business focus on just that, helping people.

I did some volunteer work at a children's clinic and it opened up doors and taught me things about myself I didn't know were there. I have incorporated what I have learned about my disability, my travels, and my life experience into my coaching business.

My disability

I have learned so much not only about my disability, but how to live and be a happy person. There were so many extremely painful experiences with physical pain, but mental health as well. I learned about the painful processes with insurance, social security, how will I work, if I will be able to return to work, how I will make money, how my body is adjusting to my disability, and simply how to deal with everything.

If I had the knowledge I have now, navigating everything would have been a much easier and less stressful process. Not knowing what to do or how to do it is extremely frustrating. Everyone you know will have advice and comments, how do you know which advice to take? I found out that I needed knowledgeable and experiential advice that worked for my particular situation. No one thing works for everyone.

My travels

How does traveling help you? Simply put, it gives you a cultural awareness that many just do not have. Experiencing other cultures first hand is far more beneficial than reading a news story online or in a book. Those experiences are other people's experiences and not your own.

I have mingled among the extremely rich, extremely poor, and everything in between. I have interacted with severely disabled to mildly disabled individuals. Knowing first-hand how other cultures deal with hardship is extremely beneficial to my personal story.

What I've learned

I take what I have seen and learned and incorporated my learning into my own life. How I interact with people, how I treat them, and how I coach them is based off of my own personal experiences. My coaching comes from an experiential, reality based, empathetic, and culturally aware point of view.

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