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My blog posting has gotten to be a little less than regular. I do apologize for that. I started my new job last week and the training is well, intense. There is a ton of stuff I have to learn about a whole lot of insurance products. I’m not just a one-stop shop insurance guy. I knew there were a lot of products out there, but the sheer number of them has surprised me. Each different line of insurance has different regulations, different forms, learning each sales system, different types of training, required training, certifications, the list goes on and on.

My Day

My days are strangely reminiscent of my Covid days in college. Watch tons of pre-recorded videos and taking lots of notes. Spending 10 or so hours per day learning and studying. It’s done at home so I do get to get up and stretch and walk around. I don’t want my ass to get glued to my chair which sometimes happened when I was going to school. The padding in my chair is gone. I think the padding was gone last year though.

Today I watched around 9 videos/trainings. All are different lengths, some can be paused to take notes, others I have to take screen shots and go back and take notes after the video ends. So far I have had plenty of support with my training, which I appreciate. I think there needs to be a lot of support when trying to learn so much information. So far I am enjoying it and learning a lot. I think I will do good after the training is done and I’m ready. It doesn’t seem like support will be a problem.

The Life Outside of Work

For the most part, work is it right now. But I still have time to be with my girlfriend. We went to her sister’s grandson’s birthday party over the weekend. It was a Spiderman theme, so my son will be sorry he missed it. Her family is a lot of fun and it’s always nice to see them too. Sunday was a relaxing day, I think we both needed that. She is very supportive of me and understands how much time I put into my work. I love her for everything she does.

My son still has his baseball. That takes up a lot of time usually. Practices and games during the week kind of throws me off my schedule. It usually means he goes to bed later than he normally does and I have to wake him up in the morning for school. I’ll just say that he still needs to improve his game. There aren’t many major league players that dance around in the outfield.

Something that I’m going to start doing is volunteering at a children’s hospital. Getting the kids out to play tennis. It seems recreational activities help them have some fun, if only for a little while. Seeing their smiles and getting to know them will be fun for me.

There’s one area where I’m lacking as a father. Making more time for my daughter. I spend time with my girlfriend, my son’s baseball, volunteering, I need to make more time for her. She can feel left out. There isn’t really a time that I can remember when I’ve been in a really good mood. The stress of school, when I was looking for a job, finding a job and then having to quit, and starting this job. The stress level has been quite high and I think my daughter has taken the brunt of it all. She’s the closest to me, but I’ve neglected her the most.

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