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My first blog post

Well, to be honest, I’m sitting here at my desk, wondering what comes next. If you have read the About Me page, then you have some understanding of my background and the tragic circumstances that have brought me here. I don’t find it difficult to talk about what happened to me, it is part of my life. Do I talk more about my disability? Do I talk about how it feels to be 50 years old, disabled, a new college graduate, or how my job search is going? I guess I’m waiting for you to engage with me and have conversations about my #AVM #TBI. I am very lucky to be alive and the last 20 years has taught me that. I went through many years of experimenting with different medicines, treatments, mental and physical therapy, PTSD, and dealing with the physical and mental effects of what happened to me.

#stroke #therapy #blog #ptsd #avm #traumaticbraininjury

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