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This is the end of my second week of prospecting, two weeks of going out to the public, in person, selling. The result, nothing as of yet. I have tweaked my approaches, delivered the right advertising material with the right business, I hope. I think I’m pretty organized in keeping track of what I’m doing. I’ve made some spreadsheets that I can understand. At the end of the day, I enter all the information I need.

Organization was one of my biggest problems while I was school. Every class was different and so I had to organize in different ways. Keeping track of assignments, classes, took up a lot of time. My brain just isn’t as organized as I would like. Probably because I forget a lot. If I get distracted for a second, there goes my thoughts. Just POOF, and there they go. My daughter laughs because she tells me something three times, and I still forget it two seconds later.

Although I still haven’t made any sales or done many quotes, I think I’m getting the hang of it. Still have a lot to learn of course, but better every day. It’s benefitting me that I’m starting to do some prospecting while I’m in training. Hopefully, this prospecting for leads now translates into sales after I go into commission only.


Today my boss and his wife took me and a few colleagues to lunch. A little Christmas gathering. I had never met anyone else on the team before. All nice people. It was interesting to hear them talk a little about their experiences. It wasn’t a working lunch, so it wasn’t all business. It was fun and it was nice to meet more people I will work with. The food was pretty good. I didn’t eat dinner tonight, a big lunch means no dinner for me. And it was nice to get some words of encouragement too.


My daughter had a little surgery this morning. Early this morning, which meant I had to wake up a lot earlier. Yes, I care more about waking up early than my daughter’s surgery. It wasn’t a major surgery. She had a small lump on her wrist that she’s been complaining about for months. To make matters worse, they put a humongous cast and wrap around it so she can’t move her wrist. Now she complains about that. She had the nerve to ask me to tape a bag around it and open a bottle of Tylenol for her. The things we do for our kids. Just kidding little one. Love ya. Happy you made it out of surgery with your hand still attached.

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