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Overcoming Obstacles and Accomplishing Goals

My apologies for not posting anything the last few days. It turned into a hectic end of the week and weekend.

Published Writer

I accomplished a goal over the weekend. An article I wrote a few weeks ago was published in an Arizona news website. It was an article I wrote my job search, about being disabled, 50 years old, and no recent work experience, and how it effected my job search. The article is just my experience and probably not typical of everyone looking for employment. It was apparent that ageism and ableism are prevalent still. I sent out over 60 resumes and cover letters. It was a grueling process that I started over 6 months prior to my graduation date.

Writing the article was difficult for me. My job search was getting to a point where I wanted to give up at times. There was no way I could give up, but I wanted to. Due to other circumstances, I have no choice but to return to work, so I couldn’t just give up. What was extremely disheartening, was recruiters calling and emailing me and asking why I have the 20 year gap in my work history. I freely gave the explanation, then never hearing back from them. Everything about my interviews and contacts for jobs was great until they learned about the gap in my work history. I can’t say for sure why I never heard back, but I can speculate.

In all honesty, I didn’t pay any mind to the rejections at first. As my search went on, it was becoming evident that I had a lot of things working against me. It was so stressful simply due to the fact that I have a family to support and a home to maintain. I needed to find a job ASAP after I graduated.

Writing the article made me focus on why I needed to keep going and keep applying. It was stressful beyond belief. I was grumpy, a little depressed, short tempered, and my kids and my girlfriend were noticing. That is not who I am as a person. That level of stress will probably stick around until I get my first paycheck, which will come soon.

I wrote the article a few weeks ago, prior to accepting a job as a project manager with Walmart. I have no idea how it will go, but I look forward to working again and meeting new people. It could turn into a career position. And I will see if I can actually do the job. It is a good start for me and I look forward to the future now, instead of wondering what ‘might’ happen and the stress.


To tell the truth, I have only submitted 5 or 6 articles and 1 article was published. I think those are pretty good odds. I have other articles submitted and I am going to write more articles on various issues in the world and the country. The sense of pride I feel can’t be described. I have received emails from people who read the article and have offered advice on my job search. People have been extremely supportive. My goal was to spread awareness, but also to become published.

I graduated from college, I am a published writer, I am starting to work again, things are looking brighter for me. I hope that I can put this stressful period to bed and go back to my normal self.

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