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This is not easy

I have been working extremely hard starting my business. Helping people is what I want to do, but getting the word out there starts with building my website. I'm not a master at website building, a novice would be a more accurate term. Since I don't have the money to pay someone, I'm stuck doing it myself. The website is looking good though and I think I'm pretty close to being done with the website.

Well, the website will always be changing and updated as things change and I start getting clients. That's the next focus, marketing and advertising. This is the part I am looking forward to. Learning the marketing and advertising aspect of running a business.

Social media

This has been a steep learning curve. Posting my blog posts on all my social media accounts, integrating my website with them, it is very difficult for a novice like me. I have been looking for other media outlets that I can contribute to besides the usual social media outlets. Getting the links to work correctly is a headache.

Adding a business website page and finding the correct way to link everything. You have to assign duties to people in order to manage the pages. I found out very quickly that if I was not assigned as an admin on the accounts, I could not do much. You can choose a website manager, an employee, and owner, full control, other admins that can edit my website, it is crazy how many things there are to do.

The job

So far, my job has been website building. It is not exactly the job I'm supposed to be doing. I knew that starting a business helping people would be difficult and I had some idea of everything I need to do before I get clients. But nothing really prepared me for how time consuming it is and how much dedication it takes.

Because of my disability and my memory problems, I had to get a calendar and write down what I have to do each day. I assign myself tasks every day I need to complete. Sometimes I don't get everything done that I wanted to do. It is a little disappointing but I really have no idea how much time each task takes to complete. Sometimes I don't even know how to complete it.

I do have a lot of support from my family and they are helping me a lot with encouragement, which I need at this point. I have been finding out that getting a regular job of any kind is extremely difficult. My disability, my age, not working for almost 20 years, these aren't exactly highlights on my resume. Working hard is what I do.

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