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My Focus

Understanding how to navigate traumatic life events can be overwhelming. My own experience has taught that being prepared and knowledgeable can ease the immense tension and stress caused by traumatic events. 

You will undoubtedly get advice from people who have never experienced what you are going through. 

Advice is only as good as the person giving it.

Would you rather take advice from a friend of a friend or someone who has experienced what you are going through?

Coaching Specialties

  • Adapting/Adjusting

  • Corporate DEI policy

  • How to navigate the insurance/Social Security world for the disabled

  • Disability and the effects on loved ones

  • Support networks

  • Mental Health

  • Career Health

  • Truth through experience

  • Obstacles and barriers you will face

  • What will happen with your career

  • How will you make money

Tucson, Arizona


Ph: 520-649-9829

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